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What are the benefits of eating with awareness?

Mindfulness, Nutrition | Comments Off on What are the benefits of eating with awareness?
What are the benefits of eating with awareness?

This was a great question I saw on line and seeing more about eating mindfully.  Do you eat with awareness?

When you eat with awareness, you notice how food affects you.  How you digest different foods is important because not everyone is the same.  For example, soon after you eat a rich, fatty meal, you may notice how tired and sluggish you feel. Your mind is not quite as sharp. On the other hand, low-fat foods make you feel light, energetic, and clear thinking. When you begin to associate what you eat with how you feel, then it becomes easier to make more healthful choices. You begin acting out of your own experiences, not someone else’s, and that is the best teacher and motivator.

Eating with awareness also leads you to eat for fuel.  When you can eat for nourishment of your body and not for stress, emotions or anything else that comes up,  then you have reached the stage of eating for fuel.  This awareness around food is a journey and does not happen over night.  I encourage you to begin and no better time then at the holidays when food is abundant!

Many of my clients are on Weight Watchers and this is what they had to say about eating with awareness.

Building awareness helps you become more mindful of what you are eating and can make you think twice about what you want to eat before you eat it.

Research shows that people who are successful at maintaining their weight losses developed the habit of regularly monitoring what they ate, which helped build awareness of what they were eating.

Weight Watchers is all about building awareness — awareness of the foods that keep you full and awareness of your hunger signals.