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Wellness Classes

Healthy Start, Healthy Weight
“The Evolution from Weight Loss to Wellness”

What does wellness mean to you? We define wellness as the mastery of one’s wellbeing– physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—through regular practice of healthful behavior. However you choose to define Wellness, the bottom line is, you can be in control because wellness really is your choice, a condition and a process.
Behavioral change is the key to lasting change. You will learn to make lifestyle adjustments and how to manage them. Gain more confidence and control of your health. Come be a part of the process that co-creates a new you. Working with a wellness coach will help you build on your strengths and open the door for these lasting changes.

What is a Wellcoach?
Coaches are collaborative and co-creative partners in your journeys to reach your vision and goals. We coach you on evidence-based areas of wellness or well-being; physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, and life satisfaction. We build on your strengths, and focus on what is working in your life. We enable you to be done with quick fixes and make lasting changes in your well-being. We meet you where you are today. Ask you to take charge, guide you in doing mindful thinking, feeling and reframe obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. Together you are inspired and challenged to go beyond what you would do alone.

“Coaches engage the minds and hearts of clients by assisting them to discover their strengths, to clarify their values, to increase their awareness, to set their priorities, to meet their challenges, to brainstorm awareness and possibilities, to set their priorities, to meet their challenges, and to design positive actions. Such engagement enables the client to generate a new self-concept (who is my best self?), to create new supports and environments (what supports my best self?), and to take new actions (what manifests my best self?). By empowering client to find their own answers, through asking non-judgmental and provocative questions and offering powerful reflections, coaches become catalysts for lasting change.” – Wellcoaches