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The “New Year” Changes Start Now!

Change, Lasting Lifestyle Changes | Comments Off on The “New Year” Changes Start Now!
The “New Year” Changes Start Now!

This is the time of year where we all start thinking of resolutions or change. I like to think of this time as a “growing period”. Change is hard and most people do not like to go through the hard work that it takes to make lasting change. Whether it be weight loss, dealing with stress or trying to find the extra time to exercise, the fact is we need to shift the way we view things and look inside.

During this early part of the year I pull out the tape measure and food journals and many of you start to grumble (you know who you are, smiles!). Everyone I know has good intentions when they start in January but those seem to go by the way side by late February. I was thinking to myself, how should I approach things this year? My first thoughts were to search the internet for the coolest and greatest Apps for people to use in their weight loss endeavors (since we are so technology driven). There were some apps that I liked for different reasons (I will share those later) but still the message was look outside ourselves for the answer. As I reviewed my web-site to make some changes and re freshen it a bit….I realized the message I portrayed all along is “Balance”. Simple, yet as I look around there is always room for getting back on track of eating healthy, moving more, stretching out the back aches and riding ourselves of holiday stress.

As we come off this time of holiday cheer and back to some sort of routine, I would like for us to just take some time to inventory where we are all starting from today. Awareness is the key to change. Again the most simple of thoughts but tough to do at times. It’s never too late or early to learn about awareness, as I am having this same conversation with my 12 year old son.

When you embark on this yearly ritual of getting back on track in the new year, try to look within for the answers. You know what to do already, just make small changes towards the goals you want to accomplish. I am always here with suggestions to trying things a new way. I wish you all a healthy and happy 2015!

by Wendy Earley