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Phyllis Blanc

“I have had the pleasure of working out with Wendy for over 13 years.  My devotion to Wendy and her “wellness” program for so many years is simply her high level of enthusiasm for the total well being of a person.  She creates a non intimidating environment to explore the reasons as to how a person came to be in certain physical states.  In working with Wendy, I have discovered the true inner self.  Why I have a difficult time losing weight, how to go about looking at food differently through behavior modification, not dieting and most of all, learning to really embrace and love myself.  I feel younger than ever with all the tools that Wendy has taught me over the years to create and project a sense of “wellness.”  I attribute a large part of this to Wendy’s personal passion of helping others find themselves and in doing so, given a pathway to complete body wellness”.

Gary McKinnon

“For a period of two years, I had halted my physical fitness and triathlon training regimen to focus my time on starting a small business venture.  After this two year period, my health and fitness priorities moved back to top of the list.  I partnered with Wendy at Earley Wellness and began a 6 month conditioning program that quickly provided me the dramatic improvements necessary to get back into triathlon racing.  After 6 months, I competed in the Wildflower Olympic-distance Triathlon and shaved 9 minutes off my time.  I couldn’t have done it without Wendy’s dedication, knowledge and support. Thanks a million!”


Bonny Williams

I started working with Wendy over a year ago. During this year I have learned how much my thinking is involved in my journey to a healthy life. Thinking about myself and what I saw myself as, what I thought others thought of me, and how I felt. Little by little it became a physical journey that got to me to feeling I was not alone!My heart broke, and then beat STRONG!

My soul cried, and then felt STRONG! My mind was filled with dysfunctional baggage, then learned to BREATHE!  Physically I finally broke my weight barrier! (I recently fit into my ideal wedding dress in May!)

I feel like Wendy offers a Total Healthy Living Program. Working out is not just physical. There are elements that begin to sneak out of the woodwork once you start feeling all that energy to deal with it and Wendy helps to coach you and find you ways to deal with it.

I still on my journey, but know I will be successful carrying all the elements Wendy provides in her Wellness Programs. Wellness to me means Wendy, but also complete human wellness.

Kristen Burgert

I originally started working out on my own, but after starting with Wendy I learned what a REAL workout felt like! Even with my demanding and hectic schedule, Wendy has been able to design an effective fitness routine as well as provide the motivational guidance to help me achieve my goals!  In such a short amount of time training with Wendy, my confidence has grown tremendously! I now look forward to working out and no longer think of it as a chore! Thank you WENDY!


Debbie Hernandez

“I can always count on Wendy for an awesome workout ~ even if I’m not ready mentally she gets me focused!”

“Wendy’s Boot Camp workouts have variety with different level of challenges every week”

“You’re missing out if you have not trained with Wendy’s positive support and her custom-designed classes”

Debi Blohm

I worked out alone for at least a couple of years, and wondered why I wasn’t seeing any results for all the work I thought I was doing.  Then, happily, I met Wendy.  She showed me how and why to up the intensity, and I appreciate her ability and willingness to work around the various issues that come up from time to time — tiredness here, an injured foot there, the occasional crummy day.  She’s very good at bringing me back to the here-and-now, and keeping me moving in good form, without worrying about getting injured — she listens and encourages, and works hard to make sure that I’m getting the most benefit out of my workout time!


Megan Pomeroy

I am 29 and I have been working out consistently since I was 24, it wasn’t until I started working out with Wendy that I actually started seeing the definition and muscle tone that I had wanted all of this time.  She has been able to provide me with motivation and fun new ideas for working out.  I never would have thought that I would be able to balance on a half ball on one leg and do bicep curls!! So much fun!!!



Kit Padgett

“Before I started working out with Wendy my weight yoyo’d all over the place.  I rarely worked out.  Four years ago, when I began training with Wendy I was able to successfully takeoff weight and keep it off.  I started working out on a regular basis and even looked forward to the days Wendy was training us.  I saw visible results.  Not only do I feel much better and have more energy, I now have muscles I never knew existed!  I am in the best shape of my life. Thank you, Wendy”


Robin Hayes

I am totally not self motivated , so thanks to Wendy , I can make myself go to work-outs knowing that because she knows my body better than I do, I will get the best training !


Tina Norton

I’ve been working out with Wendy for the past two years. Before that I was working out on my own at the same time Wendy was teaching a class.

Eventually I decided to join the class. With Wendy I workout harder and there is more variety to the workout. I also really enjoy the camaraderie of the other people in the class.


Laura Mazzulo

Wendy Early has been my personal fitness trainer for many years now.  Working out with her is a pleasure and so very effective in helping me keep fit.  Her work out’s are fun, fast and challenging and the hour I am with her, seems to go fast.  Instead of dreading gym time, I look forward to working out.  Her education, fitness background and experience and positive disposition are inspiring.  In her small group classes she is able to keep the group focused and yet respond to each individual’s needs (weak knees or sore neck, etc). She is always changing the work out regime so it is always fresh and new.  I would not consider having anyone else as my fitness trainer.

Thank you Wendy for all of your hard work!

Thuy Nguyen, PA-C, MSH

Wendy Earley is an energetic, trainer.  She keeps her workouts fun and exciting.  I’ve worked out with Wendy on and off for about 6 years.  She knows my strengths and weaknesses and has a way of keeping the workouts new.  She is also very knowledgable about nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend her to all of my clients, friends, and family.