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Fitness Facts of Aging

Wendy's Blog | Comments Off on Fitness Facts of Aging
Fitness Facts of Aging
  • Muscle strength declines by 10-20% between the ages of 20-50 years of age.
  • Between ages 50 and 70 strength drops another 25-30%
  • Research demonstrates that regular strength training improves balance, gait speed, functional independence, moral, depression symptoms and energy intake.
  • Lean body mass decreases with sedentary living and age.
  • The loss of lean body mass results in a decrease of resting metabolism.
  • Adherence to strength training increases lean body mass thereby having significant impact on ones metabolic rate.

    The Bottom Line

  • When trying to lose weight burn more calories.
  • When daily caloric expenditure exceeds intake, weight is lost.
  • The more calories you burn, the more fat is lost.